GrassCheckGB is a grass monitoring project involving 50 dairy, beef and sheep farms.

Growth and quality data will be published weekly throughout the growing season.

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Management Notes

  • Continuing heavy rain and cooler conditions have resulted in falling grass growth rates over the past week. Overall, GB grass growth is 14.2 kg DM/ha/d behind the GrassCheckGB long-term average of 40.8 kg DM/ha/d.
  • With more wet weather, saturated soil and difficult grazing conditions for many areas are expected to continue, with many cattle now, or soon to be, housed for the winter.
  • Consider analysing silage to aid with calculating winter rations and supplementary feed. Good quality grass silage can provide up to 12.0 ME (MJ/kg DM), and silages should contain around 30% dry matter (slightly lower if clamped, or higher if baled) and have a D-value of >68%.