Tom and Jimmy Stobart

GC72 Tom and Jimmy Stobart, Croglin High Hall, Cumbria Tom and Jimmy manage a herd of 200 wagyu steers and heifers alongside 440 breeding ewes. Techno grazing is used on 30ha of the 93ha grazing platform with an additional 12ha of fodder beet and kale grown for the winter period.

Duncan Nelless

GC66 Duncan Nelless, Thistleyhaugh Farm, Northumberland Thistleyhaugh is a 540 ha organic family farm situated in the Coquet valley and has been in the family for over 100 years. The farm is now managed by Duncan Nelless and his brother Angus. They run a herd of 160 organic Aberdeen Angus and Hereford suckler cows along with a flock of 2000 lleyn ewes. Both are based on producing beef and lamb from pasture alone.

Ben Bates

GC65 Ben Bates, Pessall Farm, Staffordshire Ben farms 43 hectares of grassland near Tamworth, Staffordshire on medium soils, receiving 760mm rainfall per annum the farm finishes 150 cattle per year on a premium cost of production scheme.

Jimi Collis

GC54, Jimi Collis Launceston Farm, Dorset A 325ha organic farm near Blanford Forum, Dorset with 50% of the farm dedicated to arable production. The farm hosts 180 spring block and 90 autumn block calving Aberdeen Angus cows crossed to Limousin and Simmental.

Amy Barnes and Chris Colebeck

GC53 Amy Barnes and Chris Colebeck, Cleaboy Farms, Yorkshire Cleaboy Farms run 650 breeding mules and 250 sucker cows on heavy clay soils. The all grass farm supports a spring calving herd and lambing takes place in April will all lambs finished on the farm.

North Wyke Research Farm

GC51 North Wyke Research Farm, Rothamsted Research, Devon The North Wyke site hosts a 350ha beef and sheep farm and is home to the North Wyke Farm Platform National Capability. The farm aims to demonstrate the true impact and value of ruminant livestock systems through improvement in efficiencies of pasture-fed livestock whilst reducing environmental impact.

Jack Hanson

GC67 Jack Hanson, Fields Place Farm, Herefordshire Jack farms in partnership with parents Elwyn and Julie, managing 28ha arable, 26ha cider fruit and 87ha of grassland, mainly temporary leys on clay loam soils. The farm supports 350 Suffolk mule ewes and 65 spring calving suckler cows and 40 continental x dairy stores.

Rhys Edwards

GC75 Rhys Edwards, Hendre Ifan Goch Farm, A 250 acre hill farm in Bridgend, South Wales, running 600 mule ewes and finishing lambs on a rotational grazing system. The farm averages over 2m of rainfall annually, ranging from 600 to 1350 a.s.l. Rhys, who farms in partnership with his father Russell, uses EID recording with regular weight gains monitored throughout the year.

Dyfrig Williams

GC79 Dyfrig Williams, Ty Newydd, Ceredigion Dyfrig farms in partnership with his father, managing 1000 breeding ewes near Aberystwyth, West Wales. The breeding flock is a mixture of Aberfield and Welsh mules will all lamb sold to Dunbia. The farm also hosts 50 suckler cows.

Sian and Llion Anwyl

GC80 Sian and Llion Anwyl, Moelogan Fawr The family farm supports a herd of 120 stabiliser cows and 1200 ewes which are a mix of 400 mules and 800 crossbreds. All lambs are finished off grass and most male cattle finished as bull beef with the rest sold as breeding stock.

Matthew Venables

GC84 Matthew Venables, Bryn Celli Du, Anglesey The 270ha farm is home to 1000 NZ Friesian crossbred cows in a spring block calving system. The farm has a strong focus on maximising use of grazed forage and outwinters on forage crops during the dry period.

Aled Evans

GC81 Aled Evans, Rest Farm, Carmarthen Rest Farm is a beef rearing and finishing unit with a key focus on production from pasture. The farm also runs a breeding lock with additional store lambs finished from grass.

Alwyn Phillips

GC76 Alwyn Phillips, Penygelli, Caernarfon A sandy-loam farm which is home to 200 purebred texels, 200 polled dorsets and a 20 cow suckler herd. Daily paddock grazing and mobile weighing apparatus are employed to maximise lamb live weight gain from pasture.

Marc Jones

GC83 Marc Jones, Trefnant Hall Farm, Welshpool A 200ha beef and sheep farm on the Powis Estate, run by Marc in partnership with his parents David and Jane. The farm is south facing with shallow soils overlying shale rock. 500 Romney sheep lamb in April alongside 400 Angus dairy beef. Beef are purchased at 3 weeks of age and finished at 22 months. 20ha of fodder beet supports cattle and sheep during the winter months.

Anwen and Rhodri Hughes

GC77 Anwen and Rhodri Hughes, Bryngido Farm, Ceredigion A sandy-loam farm on the coast of Ceredigion with 300 Lleyn X ewes bred to a Primera ram. The family farm run by Anwen, Rhodri and their 4 children lambs in April, and operates a low input system. The farm has recently started rearing dairy X calves.

Phil Cowcher

GC78 Phil Cowcher, Penrhiw, Ceredigion Penrhiw is a 200ha organic beef and sheep farm consisting of a mix of owned, rented and share farmed land. The farms hosts 900 Highlander and Easycare ewes, alongside 65 stabiliser cows and heifers with rotational grazing completed using electric fencing.

James Powel

GC82 James Powell, Dolygarn, Powys James, in partnership with his father and uncle, run an upland beef and sheep farm at 1050 to 1500 feet above sea level, with clay loam soils. The farm supports 1000 breeding ewes and a 40 suckler cow herd.

James Shouler

GC64 James Shouler, Elm Tree Farm, Oxfordshire James farms a 60 cow, autumn-calving herd of pedigree Simmentals. Heifers are calved at 24 months. The main grazing area resides on sandy-loam soils overlying gravel and grass growth in summer is often restricted due to low rainfall.

Sam Newington

GC63, Sam Newington, Burgham Farm, East Sussex Sam farms 90ha of organic grassland near Etchingham, East Sussex. The farm hosts 200 beef cattle and operates a 70ha in a Higher Land Stewardship scheme.
Dane Davidson

Dane Davidson

GC94 Dane Davidson, Brogan Farms, Aberdeenshire Dane and Gail farm in partnership with Tanya and Raymond Davidson near Ellon, Scotland. The farm is home to 2800 NZ x Texel X Aberfield ewes and 1100 hoggets with 300 store cattle grazed over the summer months. The farm is located 200ft a.s.l. and has a mix of sandy and heavy clay soils.
Giles Henry

Giles Henry

GC89 Giles Henry, Oakwood Mill, Borders Giles and Alison run a 110 ha upland farm ranging from 450 – 800ft a.s.l. on free-draining, sandy-loam soils. The farms has 65 purebred Luing cows with steers taken to finishing. Heifers are kept for replacement or sold. The farm also has a joint venture finishing for another organic producer.
Michael Shannon

Michael Shannon

GC90 Michael Shannon, Thankerton Camp, Mid-Lothian Thankerton farm is a 100ha sheep and beef farm. The farm finishes mainly Aberdeen Angus beef using only forage on a rotational grazing system, no concentrate feeding is used. The farm sells its own beef and lamb through its own shop and online.
David Girvan

David Girvan

GC93 David Girvan, Corrimony, Inverness David farms 1200 breeding ewes and 150 stabiliser suckler cows on an upland farm near Inverness. The farm sells sore and fat labs, alongside breeding stabilisers bulls and heifers. All non-breeders are finished.
Ian Dickson

Ian Dickson

GC91 Ian Dickson, Scalpsie Farm, Isle of Bute Ian and father John run a 525ha beef and sheep farm with 150 breeding cows, 920 ewes and 120 hoggets. The majority of lambs are finished on farm with cattle sold as stores and suckled calves.
John Scott

John Scott

GC95 John Scott and Partners, Fearn Farm, Rossshire Family partnership business, farming 600 hectares in Eastern Ross. The farm manages 1500ha of arable, grassland and forage crops and hosts a suckler herd of 60 commercial crossbred cows, with 40 pedigree Shorthorn cattle and a small number of Luing cattle.
John Ritchie

John Ritchie

GC92 John Ritchie, Montalt Farm, Perthshire John, Alix and father, George, farm 250 hectares on an upland farm near Perth. The farm is located 1000ft a.s.l. with 75 Saler cows with stock sold as store or breeding heifers. The farm also lambs 750 ewes and run a rotational grazing system.
Alasdair and Emma Davidson

Alasdair and Emma Davidson

GC87 Alisdair and Emma Davidson, Poldean, Moffat Alisdair and Emma Davidson farm 360 suckler Saler cows near Moffat, Scotland. The farm also hosts 500 breeding Lleyn ewes on the upland farm. The farm is 800ha with 75ha of improved grassland.


William Willis

GC99 William Willis, Glasgoforest, Aberdeenshire Anne and son William farm 140 Holstein Friesian cows on a 160ha, organic dairy farm in Aberdeenshire. The herd average 8000 litres per annum with 4190 litres from forage. 

Andrew and Kirstie Baird

GC98 Andrew and Kirstie Baird, Auchnotoch Farm, Mid-Lothian The father-daughter partnership manages a 190 cow, autumn calving herd near Lanark, Scotland. The farm take four cuts of silage and paddock graze throughout the summer to maximise output from home grown forage.

Robert Drummond

GC97 Robert Drummond, Osliebrae, Ayrshire Robert farms 70ha of grassland near Stewarton, Ayrshire. The organic farm is home to 60 mainly Ayrshire cows and followers.

Tom Hainey

GC96 Tom Hainey, Southcairnweil, Dumfries and Galloway Tom and Paula milk 270 dairy cows near Stranraer, Scotland. The farm is also home to 170 replacement dairy heifers and 90 store beef cattle. They have two daughters aged 7 and 13.

Sam Carey

GC85 Sam Carey, Rhiwlas Dairy, Gwynedd A joint venture between Richard Price and Sam Carey on the Rhiwlas Estate, milking 500 crossbred cows on a grass based, spring calving system. All replacements are reared on farm, alongside surplus breeding stock to sell.

Adam Jones

GC74 Adam Jones, Pantgwyn, Ceredigion Adam farms 280 spring calving cows near Llandysul in SW Wales. The herd is predominantly Friesian and Jersey x Friesian cows with an addition 250 young stock. The farm has a key focus on grass management and has been measuring grass for a number of years.

David, Heulwen and Rhys Davies

GC73 David, Heulwen and Rhys Davies, Moor Farm, Flintshire David, Heulwen and son Rhys farm 65ha on clay and clay-loam soils near Holywell, Wales. The farm hosts 100 Holstein Friesian spring-calving cows, which start calving on the 1st March, and 60 followers. The farm has been measuring grass for over 15 years.

Gordon, Margaret and James Tweedie

GC71 Gordon, Margaret and James Tweedie, South Dyke Farm, Cumbria Gordon, Margaret and son James Tweedie milk 330 spring block calving New Zealand bred pure Friesian and Jersey cows in Eden Valley, Penrith, Cumbria. The farm has a 120ha grazing platform with support ground for Youngstock. The farm is mainly free-draining sandy soils with approximately 900mm of rainfall annually. The farm also rears 60 bulls each year for breeding and 80 beef cattle, employing 2 full time staff.

Mark Housby and Robert Craig

GC70 Mark Housby and Robert Craig, Peepy Farm, Northumberland. Peepy farm is a 200ha farm based on good quality medium loam soil near Stocksfield, Northumberland. The farm is at the beginning of a 15 year tenancy and hosts a 450 split block calving herd, rotationally grazed in paddocks for 9 – 10 months each year. 

John Carr

GC69 John Carr, Cleveley Farm, Lancashire A 60ha farm located near Preston in Lancashire. John runs a 150 Jersey-Friesian crossbred, spring block calving herd producing 6000 litres/cow/year on a paddock grazing system.

Andy and Josh Booth

GC56 Andy and Josh Booth, Manor Farm, Dorset Josh Booth, with his brother, Michael, are gradually taking over the management of Manor Farm from their parents, Andrew and Vicky. They farm 275 milking cows producing 10,000 litres on their 243ha arable and grassland farm. The family are keen to produce as much milk as they can from grazed grass.

Tom Coast-Brown and Jim Waterhouse

GC52 Tom Coast-Brown and Jim Waterhouse, Fourth Milestone Farm, Yorkshire. Mark and Gemma Cash farm in partnership with Jim and Nicola Waterhouse near York. The farm operates a 380 cow spring calving herd with 200 followers. Located on sandy soils the farm has an extended grazing season and grazes fodder beet during the winter months.

Nick Hewens

GC62 Nick Hewens, Broomsgrowe Farm, Wiltshire. Nick and Catherine Hewens work in partnership with Terry and Sara Cooper (herd manager and assistant herd managers). The team run a herd of 120 Holstein Friesian cows on free-draining sandy soils.
Jack Halton

Jack Halton

GC68 Jack Halton, Chance Hall Farm, Cheshire A third generation business, Chance Hall Farm is home to a 540 cow, all year round calving dairy herd, averaging 11000 litres/cow/year. The farm aims to lower feed costs by making better use of conserved forage and grazing cows with daily production below 30 litres/cow.

Rachel Abrahall

GC60 Rachel Abrahall, Duchy Farm, Cornwall The farm comprises of free draining clay-loam soils and is currently milking 260 Holstein Friesian’s. The herd is currently in the process of moving from a split spring and autumn block calving system to all autumn block calving.

Sion and John Hughes

GC86 Sion and John Hughes, Ynysgain Fawr, Gwynedd The father and son partnership run a 150 cow high yielding herd with followers. The herd is all year round calving with 70% of animals calving down in the autumn. Low yielding cows are rotationally grazed during the summer whilst high yielding cows are housed and supported by high quality silage.

Andrew Brewer

GC59 Andrew Brewer, Ennis Barton, Cornwall The farm is home to a 650 autumn block calving herd based in mid Cornwall. The farm focus heavily on grazing and is based on silty clay loams overlying varying subsoils from shale to clay.

Andy King and Richard Coombes

GC58 Andy King and Richard Coombes, Thong Dairy, Somerset The organic dairy farm with 250 cows on an all year round calving system. The farm grows mainly grass, clover and wholecrop and has relatively flat topography, close to sea level.

Lewis Kellaway

GC57 Lewis Kellaway, Middle Farm, Somerset Lewis farms in partnership with his father Greg, managing two organic dairy farms. Lewis farms 150 cows nears Sparkford in Somerset with a key focus on milk quality.
Neil Ridgeway and Elliott Tree

Neil Ridgeway and Elliott Tree

GC61 Neil Ridgeway and Elliott Tree, Mead Group Farms, Somerset. A 650 hectare organic dairy farm near Hewish, Somerset. 400 dairy cows are managed in two herds alongside 250 breeding ewes and 2000 finishing beef cattle.

Ted Dempsey

GC100 Ted Dempsey, Shawsholm Farm, Dumfries and Galloway Ted manages Shawsholm farm near Thornhill in Scotland. Shawsholm hosts 400 spring calving dairy cows on the 115ha grass farm. The herd averages 5300 litres per annum and produces 15t DM/ha/yr across the grazing platform.

Jacqui Browne

GC55 Jacqui Browne, Pomeroy Farm, Wiltshire Pomeroy Farm is a family farm with two milking units totalling 750 dairy cows. The herd is all year round calving with grazing Holstein cows on sandy loam soils.