GrassCheckGB is a grass monitoring project involving 50 dairy, beef and sheep farms.

Growth and quality data will be published weekly throughout the growing season.

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Management Notes

  • The impact of a very wet start to this year’s grazing season,followed by some exceptionally dry conditions through April, May and early June have had a significant impact on grass DM production on GrassCheckGB farms so far in 2020.
  • Average farm yields for grass DM production from March-June are just 4.5 t DM/ha, 1.3 t below the long-term GB average for that period. Regional averages range from -0.71 t in SE to -1.99 t in NE.
  • With a return to more typical (and wetter) weather in recent weeks, the significant soil moisture deficits of May and early June have now been rectified and most have seen a very good recovery of grass growth rates. However, cooler conditions with high cloud cover are likely holding back growth slightly for some at present.