GrassCheckGB is a grass monitoring project involving 50 dairy, beef and sheep farms.

Growth and quality data will be published weekly throughout the growing season.

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Management Notes

  • With some farms now set-stocked for tupping and others starting to house stock, this will be the last weekly GCGB bulletin for 2021.
  • However, there remain plenty of opportunities to utilise grass and extend this grazing season – particularly given the unseasonably good conditions! Every extra day at grass equates to savings in forage and housing costs, and part-time/ ‘on/off’ grazing strategies are an excellent tool to use grass in the shoulders of the season.
  • Whilst periods of 2021 were very challenging for grass growth, GCGB data shows grazed grass yields averaging 9.2 t DM/ha to date – highlighting the productivity that is achievable with attention to grassland management, even in trickier conditions.
  • Huge thanks go out to all the GCGB farmers, sponsors and supporters for their hard work and support over the last 3 years