GrassCheckGB is a grass monitoring project involving 50 dairy, beef and sheep farms.

Growth and quality data will be published weekly throughout the growing season.

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Management Note

  • Grass growth rates have fallen again this week, averaging just 37.6 kg DM/ha/d. This is 20% behind the 2 yr average growth rate of 46.4 kg DM/ha/d.
  • GCGB farms have recorded on average just 39.6 mm of rain in July so far, compared to the 30 yr Met Office UK average of 78.1 mm. Dry soil conditions have been hampering grass growth, but where rain arrives this week conditions should begin to improve.
  • With grass growth rates again well below average many will be seeing restricted grass supply, and potentially impacts on silage yields. With the potential for further dry conditions into next month assess options to reduce forage demand from grazing now. Consider your winter feed budget too, whilst there is time to act to boost forage stocks or reduce winter demand.