GrassCheckGB is a grass monitoring project involving 50 dairy, beef and sheep farms.

Growth and quality data will be published weekly throughout the growing season.

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Management Notes

  • Average soil moisture readings are 36.7, 56.0, 65/6 and 61.4 cb in Scotland, Wales, North and South England respectively. Previous data has shown that when values are >60 cb soil moisture deficit may begin to restrict grass growth. Live values from on-farm weather stations are available via the weather tab on our website.
  • Grass growth remains below-average, averaging just 24.4 kg DM/ha/d this week, compared to the 2-year average of 38.1 kg.
  • With little rain forecast, growth is expected to stay below average. Review your feed budgets and your grass wedge now, along with silage stocks. Identify any potential forage deficit, and assess your options for managing the current slow grass growth.
  • Where supply is limited, consider increasing the grazing area, offering additional silage, or including concentrates if needed.